Free, Middle School Math Distance Learning

September 4, 2020

Geogebra + Illustrative Mathematics + Your LMS 
= Great Teaching and Learning

Sept. 4, 2020 

       SABIER is excited about our new LMS course that will fully engage middle school math students in  distance learning. Monitor all student progress in real time without the hassle of screen sharing. Increase the communication and collaboration in Illustrative Mathematics middle school math with Geogebra and an LMS course specifically designed for distance learning – Schoology, Canvas, or Moodle.

Our free, openly licensed LMS course  extends the capabilities of Geogebra’s exciting new interactive applets designed for  video conferencing software. (This link has a great short video describing the app.) At their own pace and time, students will be able to continue their Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams online synchronous lessons to collaborate and work in groups.
        Increase communication between teachers and students, and  build  community by enabling students to communicate with their teacher and each other using video, chat, audio, or photos. Expand assessment options synced to your student information system. Parents will appreciate the links to the extensive Illustrative Mathematics material provided for parents. The LMS course gives teachers quick access to the narratives that describe the mathematical work that will unfold in each lesson in every unit. Fill out this form to receive the free, openly licensed LMS course.

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